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At this point, she invited me to take a shower with her to clean up. It was while in the shower that I got a look of her totally nude, and she was a real sight, with 38C breasts.

As I was rubbing my hands over her body, my cock got hard again and it caused me to desire her again.

She stretched out on the sofa, with me sitting on the very end and her feet resting on my groin. It was my first attempt ever, and from the soft moans, I knew that she was enjoying herself. I told her that I was more than willing to help her.

After about 10 minutes, she suddenly pulled her foot free of me and said I should stop, especially since her feet probably smelled a bit funky. She let out a loud moan as if she might have experienced an orgasm. She switched positions on the sofa, so instead of being stretched out, she was now in a sitting position, with her butt on the edge of the cushion.

I began finger-fucking her with my right hand, while my tongue was licking at her clitoris. I was between her legs for nearly a half-hour when she screamed for me to fuck her. She reached forward and, for a moment, sucked my cock, which was fully erect, before letting me penetrate her.

It was a savage fuck, as I was so excited as this wasnt some girl that I knew, but this was actually a woman, and I wanted to demonstrate to her that I could do a good job. She spent the next 20 minutes moaning and gasping in between curses of how great it felt, until I pulled out and, like in a porn movie, splattered her face with my cum.

I told her that it would probably be better without her pantyhose.

I was a bit surprised when she lifted her uniform and allowed me reach under it.

I told her that every male patient must have appreciated seeing her, though. She said I didnt need to and thanked me for making the offer.

While she was probably suggesting that I take her sons bedroom, I took her offer to mean that I should share her bed.

I pulled her to my lap and thanked her for the offer before kissing her on the lips. She moaned and gasped, and while she wasnt very responsive at first, it didnt take much before she moaned for me to fuck her.

We dried off a bit before she and I climbed onto her bed.

Then we got in the 69 position before she straddled me and took a wicked ride.

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